Magical Mehendi Celebration

Weddings in India are a grand affair accompanied by several vibrant ceremonies that form an intricate part of the celebration. One of the most important among them is the Mehendi ceremony that includes a lot of songs, dance, enthusiasm and of course, great food.
While you adorn your hands with gorgeous and intricate henna patterns, we make your Mehendi celebration an affair to remember with our succulent menus. Flavorsome meals, great music, and an amazing ambiance that make the occasion super special.
At Fork N Spoon, we make your pre-wedding ceremonies memorable with our amazing displays and delicious food. Fine platters and delectable feasts will be served with grace and make this beautiful occasion, even more special.
With a gastronomic range of national and international cuisines, we offer a palate that works best for you and your family. From good food to fantastic displays, at Fork N Spoon we make an exclusive match between your taste and our service.