Delicious Delicacies You Can’t Miss in an Indian Wedding

Delicious Delicacies You Can’t Miss in an Indian Wedding

When you are planning to spend some time in a ‘big-fat Indian wedding’, it comes without saying that food is one of the major factors that all of us keep in mind the entire time of this lavish affair. You cannot afford to miss some of the finest and most delicious foods served on the plate, especially for you. Just scroll through it and you might as well find your next customized catering service who can fulfill the interests of you and your guests. Let’s start!

Paneer Pasanda with Corn

It is time to treat your vegetarian family and friend with some customized offering. Vegetarian guests simply love this lavish dish. It is such a yummy affair that no one cannot refuse it. Your favorite Nuts are mixed and cooked in a delightful Onion-Tomato curry to give your guests a royal feel. The Paneer pieces are stuffed with green Chutney and shredded Paneer.

Zafrani Pulao

As rice is one of the first items your guests are going to take on their platter, how about Zafrani Pulao? Originating from the valleys of Kashmir, it is a noted dish of Hyderabad. This is a fragrant recipe with perfect blends of traditional ingredients like Dry fruits, Milk, Saffron, Sugar, and more delicious things. Your guests will simply fall in love with its delightful taste. Rice being an essential part of any Indian wedding we must see to it that it is not so heavy so that guests can enjoy the rest of the menu.

Dahi Bhalle

You will find the food craving of your guests increasing with each and every spoon full of creamy yogurt-rich bhallas. A great way to inject some vintage and old memories into your wedding menu is including this rustic and cool street food. Light on the stomach and tasty to the palates, this exquisite dish beautifully explains the flavors of Hindustan.

Litti Chokha

This epic street side food of Bihar is giving an authentic experience to the guests at an Indian wedding. Well, let’s just say, this delicacy of Bihar has now started making its mark everywhere. Most of the weddings today are serving this humble and tasty dish with a customized makeover. You too can let your guests have a lesson of Bihar’s food heritage with the brownish balls stuffed with sattu masala.

Butter Chicken

Let’s talk about some non-vegetarian treats. A chicken item is a must in a wedding. What can be better than serving your guests with butter chicken? The meat here is cooked in Tandoor with a simple curry loaded with butter. There are many compositions and a wide range of ways to marinate a chicken.
The cream is used as a paste or as a garnish and Cumin, Asafetida, Cinnamon, and Cloves are some of the spices used in this dish. Cashew Sauce acts as a silver lining thickener for the entire recipe.

Pasta Primavera

You will be surprised to know how much the kids love this dish. Freshly chopped vegetables are the main ingredients of this Italian magic. The vegetables are cooked in a pot filled with salted water till they are soft and pasta is boiled. After that, the ingredients are customized with garlic and olive oil and garnished with shredded cheese. You are surely going to win many hearts with this mind-blowing platter at your wedding.

Meetha Pan

Consumption of pan after meals is a traditional affair. What do you say about this old-age sweet mouth freshener which is deeply relished and enjoyed by people of all age groups? As many as twenty different varieties of paan’s are served as a post-meal appetizer in most weddings these days. Some of our favorites include Chocolate Paan, Ice Paan, Strawberry Paan, and Vanilla Pan.
Let’s get the wedding season started with the above mentioned epic foods.