About Us

Fork ‘N’ Spoon catering services is a major step of the Nijhawan group to help create its client’s experiences and memories. The Nijhawan group, led by Arjun and Tania Nijhawan, has been around for 5 decades. Nijhawan Group is one of the leading travel conglomerate and vastly diversified entities within the Travel Industry. It has a history of successful business partnerships with leading airlines and hotels.


Managing Director & Co-Founder

Fork ‘N’ Spoon is the brainchild of co-founder Arjun Nijhawan who is also the Director of the renowned Nijhawan Group.

After having studied Economics and International business he decided to follow his passion towards the art of hosting the perfect party. Which means he used his business skills to bring together the combination of commercial, technical and personal expertise to create delicious and innovative buffets for curating the perfect events.

He believes passionately in bringing great tasting foods to discerning people. He thinks that adding a bit of soul and flavor into life is good for us all, and that is why Fork ‘N’ Spoon was born.


Director & Co-Founder

Dr. Tania Nijhawan is the driving creative force of Fork ‘N’ Spoon. Being a doctor as well as a creative person she has a keen eye for details which leads to the conceptualization of unique displays and flavors.

An avid traveler and passionate about the quality standards she make’s sure that every menu is carefully designed for every taste, sensibility and budget.

She is also certified by the Le Cordon Bleu, London as a professional food stylist and chef.



He majored in Marketing and Psychology and is also the managing director of Nijhawan Group.

His focus is on strengthening the overall brand proposition and positioning of Fork ‘N’ Spoon with its core business value by exploring new growth avenues for developing a market leadership.


General Manager

Sumeer had a dream of one who aimed to revolutionize gastronomy, who attempted to take the world of cuisines by storm.

He is a person with well over two decade of experience, accolades and awards and has also worked in the Five Star hotels in India as well as Internationally. He brings with him his experience in international fast food chains, five-star Hotels in Various Departments wither its production, service or sales and finally into outdoor catering & Banqueting.